"Just your standard walking carbon unit"
- Thomas J. Cowles
Tom is a UK based VFX Artist, Camera Op & Filmmaker. 
Currently living in Norwich, working in the Marketing Team of FXhome as a Content Producer.

Over 2019, while obtaining his Master's degree in Technical Direction for VFX, a bet was made for Tom to create and upload a video each week to maintain his dignity, and most importantly- his hair! 
He succeeded by crafting tutorials, experiments & sketches of which are now trickled over this website. 

You can find him in his natural habitat, holding a cup of coffee in hand, testing an effect, or editing an on-going personal project, accompanied by a Freelance Illustrator, and Dog of Mischief, Loki. All while referring to himself in 3rd Person.

For any inquires please email; 
(it's an anagram..)

Have yourself a lovely day. 
Videos uploaded over 2019 that show more of the guy behind the camera.
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